Enterprise Systems has always embraced new technology from the leading vendors and supported the delivery to its client base with Proof of Concept, presales support, training and after sales delivery capability on behalf of our channel partners.

Enterprise Systems works closely with our channel partners on all technologies that are supported by our vendors, be it wireless or wired, security, telephony or CCTV products and their related services, to bring the latest innovations to their client base.

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest technology to hit the market this year with all the top vendors with devices already available to use such technology. Applicable end users such as airports, stadiums, universities and other high density environments can benefit from this revolutionary technology increasing the per user experience positively as throughputs of 6GB downlink and 10Gb uplink are readily available with up to 400 users per access point capability hence requiring lower number of access points benefiting the cost of deployment.

Wi-Fi 6 also known 802.11ax is initssixth-generationversionof the Wi-Fi standards, built upon the same essential wireless technology as 5G which will reshape the coming Wi-Fi 6 era with new key technologies. Each subsequent generation of the protocol 802.11b which was introduced in 1999, has helped bought better speed and throughput for users which has increased business agility and better productivity and has given an inclusive more foreseeable user experience.

Wi-Fi 6 delivers up to four times greater concurrent capacity than Wi-Fi 5,four times higher bandwidth and the average latency is lowered by 60% compared to Wi-Fi 5 making Wi-Fi 6 an integral part of digital transformation for your end user.

Enterprise Systems will be able to technically demonstrate this technology for your clients and support the digital transformation journey of your client to support its channel partners in 2019 and beyond.

Enterprise Systems is a value-added distributor dedicated to enabling our channel partners with networking, convergence, mobility and security solutions for their enterprise clients across the Middle East and Africa.

Dedicated to best-of-breed products and true end-to-end solutions, Enterprise Systems is committed to service quality and operational excellence, with an eye to continuously improving the client experience.

With an experienced engagement team, Enterprise Systems offers the full spectrum of services — marketing to sales, technical to training, logistics to finance.

Our values are simplicity in solutions and services.

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