The objective of the Enterprise Systems channel program is to facilitate growth and reward success through a multi-tiered partner program that offers a wide range of benefits commensurate with the program level attained. You will be able to ramp up quickly through our partner on-boarding process, which provides easily accessible product training and documentation, effective marketing and sales resources and, in certain cases, targeted market development funds to aid in new business development. In order to leverage these benefits, you must attain the requirements listed in this plan.

Partnership Levels

Enterprise Systems vega partner program has three partnership levels as per the table below:


This is our highest level of partnership, designed for partners who will work closely with Enterprise Systems to deliver full solutions. They will collaborate on business and marketing plans for continued success. This level of partnership is conducive to those who have a business discipline around enterprise and carrier level customers.


Partners at this level will contribute to delivering Enterprise Systems solutions and will collaborate on business plans and be trusted advisors to fulfilling the demands of their customers.


This level of partnership is conducive to partners who are building a business with Enterprise Systems and are entering the IT networking & security, optimization and virtualization business practice with Enterprise Systems or in general.

Qualification Criteria

To be qualified on Enterprise Systems Vega Partner Program, our partners must meet a specific revenue level which will be mutually agreed with.

Programs Entitlement

There are many areas where Enterprise Systems will support and empower partners through this program of which some are as per list below:

  • Training support
  • Project lifecycle support
  • Marketing support
For more information please contact your business development manager or alternatively contact us.
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