By evolving and enhancing the Channel Partner Program and delivering the support on the ROI, for both vendors and partners, Enterprise Systems built its 2019 channel strategy and previous years success, by recruiting the right partners, providing hands on training, offering lead generation and marketing support, assisting the partner sales efforts and lastly incentivizingour channel for exponential growth.

All smart application requires a robust and stable infrastructure. The applications should be able to run smoothly without any interference and delay to support the Enterprise level businesses.Artificial Intelligence (AI) needs such infrastructure using Wifi-6 and cloud computing to support and boost smart applications by providing fast, reliable, high capacity and functionalities to bring about change in the business.

With AI market growth at a steady momentum in 2019, it only makes sense by embracing it and gearing up with solutions and support in terms of training to partners and customers on how AI enabled products with smart applications can increase their business opportunitiesto enhance success.

The next iteration of Wi-Fi standard also known as Wifi-6, has also seen a steep growth period in 2019 and will continue to rise into 2020. With that, our channel partners have been keen to bring this to their client base and with support of the vendors, Enterprise Systems have successfully carried out various demonstrations through out the year to showcase its true potential.

With the rise in adaptation of Cloud computing in the region and high spending on cloud services, Enterprise systems works closely with its vendors to ensure the end customers are aware of the latest offering and supporttheirmigration to the best products and services practices, to unlock the full potential of IOT.

To stand out as a true Value Add Distributor, Enterprise systems technical team has expanded and has a team ofhighly trained expert engineers within the technical domains of Routing & Switching, WLAN, Cloud, Security, Access Network, Storage, Server, Data Center and Enterprise Communications.

At Enterprise Systems we believe planning is the key to success and make sure we have a proactive approach to our channel partners to address their business challenges.

Enterprise Systems is a Value-Added Distributor dedicated to enabling our channel partners with networking, convergence, mobility and security solutions for their enterprise clients across the Middle East and Africa.

Dedicated to best-of-breed products and true end-to-end solutions, Enterprise Systems is committed to service quality and operational excellence, with an eye to continuously improving the client experience.

With an experienced and highly professional engagement team, Enterprise Systems offers the full spectrum of services from pre-sales, technical, marketing, sales to training, logistics and finance.

Our values are simplicity in solutions and services.

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