We can provide solution for the series of high-end NE service routers that provide intent-driven routing for the sustainable evolution of wide-area networks for different industries. The NE series routers are comprised of advanced core chipsets, an SDN architecture, and a mature versatile routing software platform. Features such as large capacity, high reliability, easy O&M, and low power consumption assure that these routers help build open, smart, high-bandwidth networks that carry multiple types of services with differentiated quality assurance.

Converged Transmission

IP hard pipe technology enables a single network to carry multiple types of services while providing SDH-like characteristics. This approach simplifies network layers and reduces TCO.

Smooth Evolution

NE routers’ 4T slots permit networks to evolve smoothly from GE, 10 GE, and 100 GE to 400 GE.

Smart Operations

SDN-based, end-to-end service provisioning improves the efficiency of service deployment by 30%. Traffic optimization raises bandwidth usage by 50%.
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