With the enormous growth in upper-layer services and data, networks require additional nodes to be deployed. In settings such as enterprise offices, shopping malls and supermarket chains, and educational institutes, building a wireless network would possibly require deployment of hundreds or thousands of APs. The traditional local deployment mode and management by a team of dedicated IT professionals would incur extremely high OPEX.

Campus Network Solution delivers a new network service paradigm that enables cloud-based network service rollout and management. Compared to the industry’s mainstream solutions, the Huawei solution has many additional enhancements.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Full-lifecycle cloud management, including wired and wireless unified planning, equipment plug-and-play, centralized policy delivery, and preventive O&M and inspection, reduces multi-branch network management and travel costs and reduces OPEX by 80%.

Excellent User Experience

Big Data and AI technologies are used to proactively predict and discover faults and increase the troubleshooting rate by 85%, providing optimal experience for every user, terminal, and application, at all times.

Ramp to Digitization

The wireless network integrates Wi-Fi and IoT access. This integration requires a single investment and allows the rapid rollout of multiple services ranging from office to digital on a single network.

Flexible Cloud-Managed Network Service

Medium to large-sized enterprises can flexibly choose private cloud management services, purchase cloud management services from MSPs, or select public cloud management services.
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