Mobility, cloud computing, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other emerging services are driving enterprises of all sizes to go digital. This trend poses new challenges for enterprise campus networks, particularly medium to large-sized campuses.
The challenges include: Increasing the operational efficiency despite the growing number of connected terminals and ever-expanding network scale, guaranteeing high-quality mobile work styles in diverse mobile scenarios, and implementing unbreakable campus network security. Agile Campus Solution is specifically designed for medium to large-sized enterprise campus networks. It empowers enterprise customers to build all-wireless, intelligent, and automated digital campus networks.

Excellent User Experience

Leverages Big Data and AI technologies to proactively predict network faults, increase successful troubleshooting by 85%, and provide optimal experience for each user, in each application, and at each moment.

Improves Operational Efficiency

Creates virtual networks through plug and play, navigation-like operations, and automation. Implements user and application-oriented automatic policy management that reduces OPEX by 80%.

Speeds Up New Digital Business

Blurs the boundary between physical and virtual worlds, connects enterprise business processes in real time, and speeds innovation of new business models.

Preventive Security Network

Security built into campus networks: SDN and AI-powered detection and response times for advanced threats 90% faster; network-wide automation and intelligence
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