Video Analytics, cloud and 5G connectivity are shaping the market of the future. Huawei being among the top SE Asian equipment vendors that is driving this growth. Huawei is focusing more in recent times to provide much more video analytics features and functionalities and is leading the way into deep learning centered analytics.

Huawei’s solution of Intelligent Video and Data Analytics delivers the best in class security and tactical intelligent solutions and products. Software defined cameras (SDCs) that Huawei are developing are the catalyst for maintaining a safe society. In security level, Huawei is the only vendor to pass CC EAL3, the international security certification, with a premium quality and build.

Enterprise Systems has strategized with focused resource to support Huawei’s strategy to become a leader in the intelligent security industry within the middle east. The support comes with commercial and technical resource that is dedicated to managing our channel partners efforts by engaging, training and giving backup to their after sales engagement.

There is a wide range of Huawei SDC cameras and Huawei is dedicated to building an ecosystem and platform for its customers to transform digitally, and well as develop the broad range of applications. The Person Data Structuring camera can be used in densely populated areas such as transportation terminals, with AI chipset and algorithm which can be promptly updated on demand without service interruptions. Huawei’s Omni-data structuring cameras, proposed sharing the highestcomputing power of SDCs to common cameras, delivering seamless and cost-effective modernization.

Huawei’s Vehicle micro checkpoint cameras can provide accurate license plate recognition and the motion blur removal algorithm helps achieve higher accuracy. On the contrary the ITS cameras from Huawei use T-shot technologies to provide clearer images in low light scenarios and complex light conditions, to capture all details without being affected by high light supplements from vehicle lights or flashlights.  Similarly, Huawei’s Security Situation Awareness cameras provide 4k clear surveillance images in real time regardless of the light and weather conditions.

Huawei’s Cloud IVS, puts the computing resources into a resource pool based on The True Cloud Architecture providing the cohesive scheduling and management for business analytics, and obtains higher resource utilization.To get the efficient concurrent access to data from multiple sources, Huawei provides completely symmetric distributed cloud storage featuring centralized high-speed access to multi source data in the billions of records.

The cloud IVS from Huawei allows resource sharing from various vendors and multi-algorithms deployment on the same platform, without purchasing different hardware for different services. Ultra-fast analysis and search. N:N clustering, provides 60-fold accelerating computing performance using Huawei’s distributed cloud architectures.

Huawei Cloud IVS 3000 solution has and agile edge by flexible deployment, enabling close proximity processing and storage. The Huawei Cloud IVS 9000 on the other hand is used for high density computing and network wide collaboration, such as Safe city projects.

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