The market is gaining momentum in different solutions such as the rapidly developing IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud platform and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Huawei is driving the industry digital transformation and innovation where the solutions are deployed across various Industries and platforms.

Ever growing demands in the enterprise market has led to breakthrough achievements in R&D, expanding cooperation with partners between industries and driving the need to create a better integrated connection. Enterprise Systems as a Value-Added Distributor works closely with Huawei to address the changing market patterns and needs. Identifying the key products being purchased every quarter and predicting the forecasted growth in sales.

As the longest UAE Value-add Distributor for Huawei enterprise products, Enterprise Systems has gained many valuable partners over the years and in return prestigious end users. With the feedback and support of these partners along with Huawei, Enterprise Systems has been gearing its customers towards preparing their client base to invest industry enabling platforms to drive the digital transformation of Artificial Intelligence.

With the vast growth in data and ever-growing demands on performance, organizations in the enterprise-class storage market look to all-flash storage solution. Gartner predicts more than 50% of traditional disk storage will be substituted by all-flash storages in datacenters by 2020. There is a steady annual growth where the all-flash storage would reach nearly $9.5B USD by 2020.

Huawei’s all-flash storage adheres to All Flash, All Cloud and AI intelligence strategy, delivering astoundingly fast performance and strong solid stability to its customers. Using all-flash storage has more benefits than traditional storage systems such as reduced space, lesser energy consumptions, maintenance and even procurement costs are slashed.

With 10 to 100 times faster response and processing power than traditional HDDs, the user experiences are significantly improved, and more work carried out in a shorter time. For example, the finance industry can benefit from processing more online transactions in quicker time frame by using all-flash storage. Low latency and higher performance are assured by using all-flash storage, supporting new business development making it commercially quite viable and competitive.

Enterprise Systems is holding regular focused training, within its inhouse training center, to help educate our partners to bring AI solutions to their end users. Enterprise Systems is also holding industry round-table events to discuss and share the market experiences, strategies to support the move towards Artificial Intelligence platform. The round table events also bring up the security and pain points of end user experience and allows the eco community to empathy and understanding to manage the strategy to address such concerns.

Enterprise systems is committed to bring digital transformation to its client base for a full connected, intelligent world. No matter how big or small the value of business is, every single client is treated with respect and quality they deserve. With honest and transparent approach as well as dedication from a culturally diverse team, Enterprise Systems continues its successful growth thanks to its partners.

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