Networking giant and leading distributor team to deliver true opportunity to channel partners

Huawei has recently upgraded its channel strategy by creating a new dedicated team within its ranks to deliver better support and services to its partners, a development that augurs well for Enterprise Systems.

As one of the leading Huawei partners in the region, Enterprise Systems is key in delivering the strategy and message of Huawei in the local marketplace.

Enterprise Systems endeavours to deliver comprehensive support for partners, from PoCs, site surveys, technical evaluation, and delivery of projects on behalf of and for the Tier II partners. Additionally, the distributor will offer second and third-line support for partners and even first-line support whenever Tier II partners require the same.

By focusing on professional services, Enterprise Systems delivers the key ingredient for the tier two partners to position the product within their customer base. This is crucial as the success of partners depends on their ability to feel confident that there is a local delivery, training and support arm for them.

Keeping its own staff optimally qualified is a major part of Enterprise Systems market strategy.  The company’s staff are in possession of over 40 certifications with Huawei. This include a number of HCIEs, Huawei’s expert certifications.

The Enterprise Systems advantage
Enterprise Systems is the recipient of multiple awards from Huawei and equally important, a number of key accolades from the market place from end users and from clients.

This reflects the progress Enterprise Systems has made since inception. Over the last three years, the distributor has grown 100% in revenue and the same percentage in terms of personnel. Starting four years ago with two individuals and co-founders, the distributor today has 22 individuals dedicated to Huawei business. The significant investment that Enterprise Systems has made is to secure business and prove its commitment not just to Huawei but also the market. Further, Enterprise Systems is working to increase the number of staff working for Huawei in the near future, with emphasis on the technical domain as the commercial aspect.

The staff members within Enterprise Systems form a multicultural unit, with more than 10 nationalities represented within the team; the sales unit alone consists of six different nationalities. This is a deliberate effort by the company to bridge the cultural and the technological gap in the market.

Enterprise Systems partners range from large system integrators recruited into the Huawei channel programme as well as smaller partners that are just starting to grow and have chosen the Huawei brand as the product to take to the market. They have all chosen Enterprise Systems based on its market approach that goes beyond mere product fulfilment. By creating true partnerships, Enterprise Systems goes beyond the distributor model to assist partners achieve true growth in the market.

Beyond day-to-day business is a corporate philosophy based on forging emotional connections with the brand and the world beyond. This multi-layered emotional connection creates a recipe for success for Enterprise Systems by connecting to the culture of the vendor, in this case the Chinese culture, the culture of the UAE where the company operates from and to the customer and their needs and requirements.

Enterprise Systems owes its success to transparency, towards both clients and the vendor partner, Huawei, says Pouya Parsafar, Managing Director. “We are focused on the brand more than any other distributor in the region and that shows in the number of people we have allocated to Huawei and how we work with the brand. We focus on the technical delivery of the product to support the vendor with recruitment of partners through training and development. The relationships and partnerships we forge are very important because we are investing in these partners not just for today but also for the future,” he adds.

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