Huawei has announced the launch of a new online portal to help end-users with ICT queries, in partnership with its distributor Enterprise Systems.

Named the “Technical Assistance Centre”, the portal connects partners and end-users with technical support queries to a qualified engineer that can identify and resolve ICT issues.

“We have faced challenges in the past with limited access to qualified and skilled technicians, which often would result in passing customer ICT queries and issues back to the manufacture incurring delays. Our new Technical Assistance Centre allows us to provide a single point of reference to all our customers that may require immediate support services from skilled and qualified engineers,” said Pouya Parsafar, managing director, Enterprise Systems.

The collaboration with Enterprise Systems is in line with Huawei’s localisation approach, which involves among other elements blending global best practices with local insights by partnering and sharing resources with local businesses.

Peng ZhiFang, regional director of channel, Huawei Enterprise Middle East said: “While our continued focus is on developing competitive ICT products and solutions in the region, we also understand the need to provide better ways for Huawei customers to have the support they need to enhance efficiency and productivity. By building this online technical support portal with E-Systems, we will help provide our end-users with the right expertise and technical support they require in fast and timely manner.”

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