Enterprise Communications (EC) Solution draws from a broad range of ICT infrastructure products and capabilities to deliver a tightly integrated solution for any organization in any industry regardless of size. The EC Solution is an investment in cutting-edge capabilities that add value right away and that can be extended to accommodate new applications, devices, and growth in the number of users.

  • Safe user access of the enterprise network using a terminal or mobile device anytime and from anywhere, connecting to a fully mobile office
  • Face-to-face HD video for life-like communication using desktops and smartphones
  • Integrated video, email, and messaging communications, applications, services, and workflows for effective, real-time collaboration

Simple and Easy-to-Use

Tight integration and management of local and wireless networking, PCs, IP-based and analog devices.

Efficient Collaboration

Integration of voice, video, data, and conferencing accelerate quality decision-making.


Supports existing analog terminals and PCs, and leverages LAN and low-cost IP WAN communications.

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