The traditional Internet connects people, while the IoT connects people and things or things and things. The core of IoT is data perception, acquisition, and transmission. Data can be perceived and acquired through intelligent devices, monitoring devices, and sensor-embedded terminals. Connecting devices greatly improves working efficiency and will one day create tremendous social value.

NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) provides wide coverage, a large number of connections, low data rates, low costs, low power consumption, and optimized architecture. It perfectly responds to the need for IoT deployment in a number of industries

Easy Deployment

Multiplex operator frequency bands and live network sites, smooth upgrade, and low-cost chips

Excellent Performance

20 dB coverage enhancement, 100,000 connections in each cell, and terminal batteries with a 10-year service lifespan

E2E Solution

End-to-end solution provided by Huawei; includes a terminal chip, base station, vEPC, and IoT platform

Exploring New Fields

Perfectly responds to the need for IoT deployment in various industries

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